American Literary Review

- A letter from the Editor -

American Literary Review Announces Spring Double Issue and Move to Online Journal

October 8, 2012

Greetings, friends of ALR:

Most of you have noticed our recent switch from paper to online submissions. We're delighted with the new system. It's more convenient for both authors, who can send work at a click, and ALR staffers, who are already reading and sharing incoming poems, stories and essays more efficiently and pleasurably than before. Plus, less paper saves trees, and we now have room in the office for a coffee pot and snacks.

Yet more change is afoot. Beginning with the Fall 2013 issue, the journal itself will move completely online. I won't deny budgetary constraints have something to do with this, but we've also discussed an online version of ALR for some time. Accessibility is important to our authors, and therefore, to us. The Internet offers that, as well as more space. In the new ALR, you'll see more content – a more substantial book review section, for example – and of course, a new approach to graphics.

At the moment, we're busy producing our last paper issue: a generous Spring double book featuring our 2012 contest winners, and much more. Watch this space for additional details about ALR online, and thank you, authors and readers, for rolling with our changes. We're all very excited about our new medium and its possibilities!

Ann McCutchan
Editor in Chief