Raja wins million-dollar grant! | Department of English
October 1, 2012

Raja wins million-dollar grant!

This three-year cooperative agreement will enhance the capabilities of the NUML English Department while also providing our faculty and students with unparalleled opportunities to learn about Pakistan and its culture. NUML is a premier language university with twenty-seven language departments and six campuses spread over Pakistan. The partnership will focus on faculty development and collaborative research; curriculum development; access to research materials; graduate student training and research; and the establishment of a Writing Resource Center at NUML. As part of the agreement, 35 NUML faculty members and 18 graduate students will visit UNT over the next three years. Dr. Raja will serve as Project Director. Dr. Ryan Skinnell, Dr. Kyle Jensen, and Dr. Haj Ross (Linguistics and Technical Communication) will form part of the core faculty and will assist NUML in curriculum development and faculty training. Dr. Jensen will also oversee the establishment of the Writing Resource Center and train its core staff.