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August 3, 2020

Writers in the School

Writers in the School (WITS)

The Anthology
Issue No. 3

I'm thrilled to celebrate the student writers who played a vital role in this year's collaboration
between Calhoun Middle School and University of North Texas's Writers in the Schools (WITS)
program. WITS brings publishing writers into public school classrooms to teach the craft of writing,
to encourage creativity, and to amplify the language-arts education students already receive. Learning
to write empowers young thinkers to articulate their understandings and to enlarge their
imaginations, as the writings in this anthology amply show. I'm grateful for the hard work put in by
this year's WITS instructors, Matt Morton and Ruby Al-Qasem. Thanks, too, to Amy Taylor for
hosting the program in her classes. Finally, cheers to the students whose curiosity and imagination
yielded the thrilling words in this volume.

Corey Marks
University Distinguished Teaching Professor
Director of Creative Writing
Department of English
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
University of North Texas

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