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Literature and Culture | Creative Writing | Rhetoric Composition

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We're the Department of English.

We strive to promote a greater understanding of literature and culture; to add to literary tradition by fostering new works of poetry, fiction and nonfiction; to innovate in writing instruction; and to investigate the history of persuasive writing.

Undergraduate Studies

Learn not just to appreciate, re-examine, and question old traditions but also to posit, explore, and test new ideas.

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Graduate Studies

The graduate program is designed for students who wish to build a professional career in academia or secondary education.

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Creative Writing

We offer degrees in creative writing at the Ph.D., M.A., and undergraduate levels.

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2016 UNT Rilke Prize

Congratulations Rick Barot! Click below to learn more about the 2016 UNT Rilke Prize and our previous winners.

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