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June 9, 2021

American Literary Review

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Sara Mae, Dark Side of the Little Spoon

Thomas H. McNeely, No Más Blanca Que Usted

Aram Mrjoian, Pike Lake

Michelle Ross, Marching Season


Emma Aylor, Hemispheres

Marianne Chan, The Great Recession in Biddle City and A Visit to the Suburbs

Chelsea B. DesAutels, Magic Fish and Nothing New

David Kirby, The Night We Met You Told Me About Marie Curie and Poetry Is Full of Uncertainty

Christopher Brean Murray, An Adage

Greg Nicholl, Self-Portrait as Anything But Red

Marc Phillips, Straight Talk with Fat Lee

Taylor Supplee, Wart-charming

Adam Tavel, Saying the Rosary

D.S. Waldman, For a year

Lauren Winchester, Play, Replay


Negesti Kaudo, Unbothered: a Microaggression

Liesl Schwabe, Ten Rupees a Kilo

Kelsey Ward, The Student Body


James Davis Reviews Steven Reigns' A Quilt for David

Cassia Hameline Reviews Chelsea Biondolillo's The Skinned Bird

Heather Meyers Reviews Kelly Grace Thomas's Boat Burned