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June 9, 2021

American Literary Review

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American Literary Review
Fall 2022 Issue



Bergita Bugarija, Gills

Mathew Goldberg, Teshuva

Emily Grandy, Follow the Killdeer

Munib Khan, Shah Hussain


Vince Granata reviews Reyna Grande's A Ballad of Love and Glory

JS Khan reviews NDA: An Autofiction Anthology, edited by Caitlin Forst

Josh Zimmerer reviews Hernan Diaz's Trust


Denise Duhamel, Impossible & Scraped

Robin Gow, Do I Want to Decompose Like This?

Andrew Hemmert, Death Has A Thousand Pictures in the World

Bill Hollands, Queen for a Day

Justin Hunt, The Summer We Left

K Iver, Missy Asks Me What the 2020s are Like & a mother's advice

Emma Thomas Jones, The Company Sign

Kirun Kapur, On Returning to Your City with Your Ashes

Kimberly Kralowec, I Knew the Flavor of Apple but Not its Sweetness

Joy Moore, White Squirrel

John A. Nieves, Ligatures

Samantha Padgett, My mother tells me my poems should rhyme

Esther Ra, Through the Blurry Window


Danielle Harms, Son of a Buck

Kristine Langley Mahler, Fixing a Hole

Catherine Palmer, Proverbs


Jonathan Duckworth, Contracts are Dangerous: An Interview with Gabino Iglesias

Colleen Mayo, Bus Stop of the Mind: An Interview with Rebecca Bernard