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April 3, 2022

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Ariana Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

Jonathan Bentley, Managing Editor

Sami Pray, Editorial Assistant

Nana Kanneh, Publicity Director/Events Host

Dean Van Dijl, Design Director

Nafessa Mohid, Assistant Design Director

Samantha Flynn, Assistant Design Director

Clara Tolleson, Poetry Editor

Caleb Chen, Assistant Poetry Editor

Kathy McCright, Assistant Poetry Editor

Sydney Buhrow, Fiction Editor

Alexandra Schmidt, Assistant Fiction Editor

Emily Wall, Assistant Fiction Editor

Erikah Woodworth, Non Fiction Editor

Azalea Brown, Assistant Non Fiction Editor

Makenzie Stuart, Art Director

Samantha Durand, Copy Chief

Riley Nevarez, Copy Chief

Justin Lee, Copy Chief/Staff Writer

Carolina De La Garza, Staff Writer

Emma Bacak, Staff Writer

Katherine Crow, Staff Writer

Natali Coronado, Staff Writer

Samantha Durand, Staff Reader

Sophie Robertson, Staff Reader

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We're proud Ashra Londa, Editor-In-Chief of the North Texas Review, who won the James Carl Matthews President of the Year Award at the 2022 UNT Eagle Awards ceremony. #UNTEnglish

A Note From the Editor

Dear Reader,

What a pack of years it has been.Thank you for making it this far. Thank you for reaching us.Thank you to Raina Joines for her immense assistance and endless patience as I tried to get my own footing this school year. Thank you to Diane Culpin, the Department of English, Student Service Fee Committee at Student Affairs and UNT Printing and Distribution Solutions for helping us establish ourselves and connect with more people on campus this year. Thank you to Brandon Knight, Ariana Thompson, Kathryn Bistodeau, Emmi Tinajero, Mercedes Muratalla, and everyone else who helped run the North Texas Review this year, for being the reason we are even holding this book in our hands right now.We made it, everyone. I'm so proud of all of us.Now please enjoy the fruits of our labors. Let us celebrate what we have accomplished.

Ashra Londa


Editor in Chief