Courses in the Freshman Writing Program | Department of English

Courses in the Freshman Writing Program

ENGL 1200*. Developmental Writing.

Covers sentence formation and skills needed for argumentation and exposition within introduction, body and conclusion. Emphasizes audience, purpose and occasion.

ENGL 1310. College Writing I.

Writing as a means of ordering and shaping experience, information and ideas. Emphasis on perfecting texts through several drafts.

ENGL 1311. Honors College Writing I.

ENGL 1312*. Grammar and Composition for International Students.

A linguistic synopsis of the essentials of English grammar in conjunction with the study and production of effective written and oral composition.

ENGL 1315. English for TAMS students.

ENGL 1320. College Writing II.

ENGL 1321. Honors College Writing II.

ENGL 1322*. Composition and Rhetoric for International Students.

Continuation of ENGL 1312. Course focuses on both the analysis and production of expository writing as well as increased facility with the English language

ENGL 1325. English for TAMS students.