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Registration Information

Please note that both College Writing I and College Writing II are part of the University of North Texas Core Curriculum: all students, regardless of major, are required to take these courses in order to graduate.

Credits for College Writing I and II may transfer from other universities. See the Transfer page for more details.

Additionally, credit for College Writing I and II may be given for high scores in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams. See the Placement page for more information.

The Department of English at UNT does NOT give credit for CLEP tests.

Please note that UNT holds three periods of registration: Early Registration, Regular Registration, and Late Registration. Please visit the UNT Registrar's Office website ( for more information.

Add/Drop Deadlines

The deadlines for adding and dropping a course also can be found on this site (consult the appropriate Academic Calendar at

Note: Enrolled students will need to monitor their course schedule every day for the first two weeks of class in order to make sure that they have not been dropped from their courses by the registrar's office. Students who are dropped from classes for nonpayment of financial aid or other reasons will not be readmitted to the course; it is the responsibility of students to make sure that all of their financial records are in order so that they are not dropped.