FYW DEI Essay Contest | Department of English

FYW DEI Essay Contest

The First-Year Writing Program sponsors a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Essay Contest each year to showcase student writing. Students in FYW classes are encouraged to submit essays that explore issues of diversity through narrative, research, and personal experiences. Winning essays are evalauted by a panel of FYW teachers through a blind review process.

The award winners for each year are listed below, along with links to the essays (posted with student permission).


ENGL 1310 - First-Year Writing I

First Place: Charan Niroula, "Life as a Refugee in Nepal". Read the Essay (PDF)

Runner Up: Kalkidan Thompson, "A New Perspective"

ENGL 1320 - FIrst-Year Writing II

First Place: Kyra McNally Albers, "The Detrimental Effects of Poor Minority Representation in Children." Read the Essay (PDF)

Runner Up: Lorenzo Canizares, "Separating Art from the Artist: Good v. Virtuous" Read the Essay (PDF)