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Counseling Resources

This section provides information for UNT Counseling Services, as well as counseling and family services available in Denton County.

Counseling Resources

Early Alert System

It is the mission of the Early Alert Program to Facilitate campus-wide collaboration through the Early Alert Response System in an effort to increase student retention and persistence by identifying struggling students and actively provide a link to academic suppoprt services, advising, and campus referrals in a timely way.

Do not be hesitant to use the Early Alert system in the first six weeks of the semester if you sense a student is particularly struggling. The alert is accessible in your Grade Roster. Don't worry that you might make a student angry, or a situation worse. By using the EAS, a student will usually (but not automatically) be contacted by a trained advisor who has the professional acumen to make a timely intervention.

Consider making an Early Alert Referral for any of the following behaviors:

Level 1: Evidence of weak study skills; unprepared for class, unable to participate; consistently low quiz and test grades; consistent tardiness; lack of engagement.

Level 2: Behavior continues after a Level I intervention. Student is unresponsive to contact attempts regarding absenteeism; student has not logged into Blackboard and/or has missed major assignments or exams; sudden declined in academic performance or attendance.

Level 3: Change in demeanor (anxiety, aggression, depression); drastic changes in behavior, performance or appearance; disruptive behavior; threats of harming self or others.

When you use the EAS, a trained advisor will review the alert and make appropriate referrals, often within 234 hours. Be aware that students are not automatically contacted, nor will the advisor necessarily follow up with you. The advisor will, however, encourage the student to have an appropriate conversation with you.

If immediate assistance is necessary for the student's safety our welfare, contact the CARE team directly or 940-565-4373, the campus police at 940-565-3010, or dial 911.

UNT Counseling Services

Our student body has numerous counseling services available to them through UNT. Denton County and the surrounding cities also provide a variety of services. The contacts below do not comprise an exhaustive list, but these services and numbers were available as of August 2016.

Counseling and Testing Services at 940-565-2741 (9 - 7 p.m.)

After hours if students feel they are in an emotion crisis, they can call

Crisis Hotline 940 387 5555. This is the Denton County MHMR Center. Their intake/referral line is 1 800-762-0157

UNT Police (ask to speak to the counselor on call) at 940 565-3003


UNT Counseling and Human Development Center at 940-565-2970 also provides counseling to students for 5.00 a session, and services for non-students on a sliding scale.

Employee Assistance Program: 800-343-3822. The EAP offers free, short-term counseling services for UNT employees. They offer assistance for legal, financial, substance abuse and emotional issues.

UNT Child and Family Resource Clinic: 940-565-2066

Additional Local Services

Psychiatric Emergencies:

National Suicide Hotline (800) 850-8078.

University Behavioral Health Denton, (UBH) (940) 320-8100

Timberlawn Hospital Dallas, (214) 381-7181

Green Oaks Dallas, (972) 991-9504

Millwood Hospital Arlington (817) 261-3121

Counseling Center of Denton (CCD) (940) 392-5329 or

Immaculate Conception Counseling Services 940-565-1770

General / Family Resources:

Friends of the Family: 940-382-7273. 24 hour Crisis Hotline is 800-572-4031.

TWU Counseling & Family Therapy Clinic (381) 898-2600

Ann's Haven VNA Grief Support (940) 349-5900

United Way Information & Referral (940) 566-5851

Denton Police Family Services Unit- Richard Godoy (940) 349-7909

Legal Aid of North Texas (940) 383-1406

Adult Basic Education/ G.E.D. & ESL (940) 369-0091

Denton Shelters:

Child Abuse: Child Protective Services (940) 387-8544 or (800) 252-5400 or on-line:

Salvation Army (940) 566-3800

Friends of the Family (940) 382-7273

Utility Assistance:

Interfaith (940) 565-5479Community Services Inc. (940) 483-9396

Denton City Utilities (940) 349-8700

Salvation Army (940) 566-3800

Clothing Assistance:

Singing Oaks Church of Christ (940) 387-4355

Ruth's Room 1721 N. Carroll Blvd. (940) 591-7884

Food Assistance:

Singing Oak Church of Christ (940) 387-4355

Denton Community Food Center (940) 382-0807

Our Daily Bread (lunch only) 300W. Oak St.

Department of Human Services App for Food Stamps SNAP (940) 647-6558