Faculty | Department of English


Associate Professor
Office: 409B Language Bldg
Principal Lecturer | Graduate Advisor
Office: 116C Auditorium
Visiting Associate Professor Fall 2017 / Spring 2018
Office: Auditorium 205
Regents Professor
Office: 213 Auditorium
Assistant Professor
Office: 407F Language Bldg
Office: 409G Language Bldg
Assistant Professor
Office: 409E Language Bldg
Senior Lecturer | Associate Director of First-Year Writing
Office: 407L Language Building
Office: 408L Language Bldg
Office: 409K Language Bldg
Assistant Professor | Director of Undergraduate Studies | Sigma Tau Delta Faculty Co-Advisor
Office: 407H Language
Professor of English | Associate Dean for Research and National Scholarships
Office: 228A Sage Hall
Associate Professor
Office: Auditorium 216
Associate Professor
Office: 408J Language Bldg
Office: 409D Language Bldg
Associate Professor
Office: 206B Auditorium
Assistant Professor | Editor, Studies in the Novel
Office: 408E Language Bldg
Associate Professor
Office: 112D Auditorium
Associate Professor
Office: 409J Language Bldg
Professor of English | Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Office: 210 General Academic Building
Associate Professor | Director of First-year Writing
Office: 408H Language Bldg
Senior Lecturer | Faculty Advisor, North Texas Review
Office: 407B Language Bldg
Office: 407B Language Bldg
Office: 408C Language Building
Senior Lecturer | Undergraduate Advisor
Office: 114 Auditorium
Senior Lecturer
Office: 408G Language Bldg
Distinguished Teaching Professor | Director of Creative Writing
Office: 214 Auditorium
Associate Professor
Office: Auditorium 205
Office: 408B Language Bldg
Lecturer, Writing Lab Director
Office: SAGE 150
Associate Professor | Editor, American Literary Review
Office: 213C Auditorium
Distinguished Research Professor
Office: 115 Auditorium
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Office: 206C Auditorium
Associate Professor | Editor, Pakistaniaat: A Journal of Pakistan Studies
Office: 106 Auditorium Building
Associate Professor
Office: 407G Language Bldg
Senior Lecturer
Office: 409A Language Bldg
Senior Lecturer
Office: 407A Language Bldg
Distinguished Teaching Professor
Office: 408F Language Bldg
Associate Professor
Office: 206A Auditorium
Associate Professor
Office: 213B Auditorium
Associate Professor
Office: LANG 409F
Interim Chair, Distinguished Teaching Professor
Office: AUDB 112
Associate Professor | Director of Graduate Studies
Office: AUDB 116

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